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Have you thought about outsourcing your stability storage and sample management needs? There are significant benefits in outsourcing of stability storage, not least of which are the elimination of the large capital and human resources costs associated with this highly specialised process.

We understand the complex and exact stability storage requirements for all our clients. You can feel confident that your products will be stored to your specifications.

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This short video demonstrates the simple process for outsourcing your stability storage.

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Why use Q1 Scientific stability storage services?

Q1 Scientific provides over 50,000 sq ft of environmentally controlled stability storage space across Ireland and Belgium for pharmaceutical, medical device and life science companies.

With a decade’s worth of expertise, Q1 Scientific is transforming the way companies store their stability study products, enabling faster drug launches to market, and saving companies the expense of building and monitoring their own storage chambers.

At Q1 Scientific, we store samples from -80c to +50c with a full range of humidity control working to standard ICH and custom conditions for R&D. In addition to stability storage we also offer thermal cycling, photostability and disaster recovery services.

Our purpose-built, ICH-compliant, cGMP facilities are designed to offer a safe, secure and stable environment for your samples. All equipment is validated, all conditions tightly controlled and all samples continuously monitored.

There are significant benefits to outsourcing your stability storage:

  • Control Costs: The Q1 Scientific ‘Pay for use’ model eliminates waste and unseen maintenance, service and security costs with no unexpected facility costs
  • Maximise space: Space comes at a premium. Free up valuable space and resources in your own factory to work on your core operations
  • Reduce Costs: Transform capital expenditure to operational expenditure with a reduction in your capital investment for stability storage facilities and infrastructure
  • Flexible Capacity: Scale up or down your stability storage with no minimum contract. Stability storage can flex with your requirements making sure you have access to the amount of storage you need as and when required
  • Manage Risk and Compliance: Stability storage at cGMP facilities with extensive validation, quality systems, 365/24/7 security monitoring, backup power and systems. Q1Scientific offers a primary or contingency storage solution and disaster recovery capability
  • A complete stability study sample management service with sample receipt and return documentation along with notifications for scheduled pulls for testing
  • A secure cloud-based documentation solution for your sample management
  • Temperature controlled transfer and transport
  • Access to a team of highly experienced pharmaceutical industry experts who are trained in recording cGMP compliant data

“The way in which Q1 Scientific not only meets regulatory guidelines but seeks new ways to stay ahead of them contributes to a reputation for excellence that is sought by its clients”. – Marie