Environmentally Controlled Stability Storage

Cambrex and Q1 Scientific’s stability storage and sample management capabilities serve the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device and Life Sciences industries, with locations across North America and Europe. From our facility in Belgium, we offer a variety of stability storage conditions, with walk-in chambers that meet regulatory requirements.

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All our chambers are thermal mapped and fully validated for long-term and short-term shelf life studies under various temperature and humidity conditions. This includes intermediate testing and accelerated testing per ICH Q1A.

Q1 Scientific is revolutionising the way companies store their products, helping to improve the speed it takes for new drugs to reach the marketplace along with saving companies the expense of building and monitoring their own storage chambers.


Ultra Low

Biological and Clinical Trial Samples, DNA, RNA, Urine, Serum, Plasma. Legal and pathology samples

Belgium Facility Details

  • 20,000 sq ft cGMP facility
  • ICH and non-ICH stability storage for pharmaceutical, medical device and life science samples
  • Storage for long-term, intermediate and accelerated stability studies including 2 – 8°C and 25°C / 60%RH and 40°C / 75%RH
  • Ultra-low freezer storage down to -80˚C
  • Custom controlled temperature and humidity conditions for R&D
  • A choice of shared or exclusive walk-in rooms or ultra-low freezers
  • Temperature-controlled transport

Monitoring And Back-Up

  • 24/7 Notifications: 24/7 alarm system connected to each storage chamber to alert of any deviations in control parameters recorded by the monitoring system.
  • Network Support: All networks are UPS supported and connected to an external notification centre to alert if there is any connection failure. Data is backed up off-site daily.
  • CCTV Monitoring: CCTV throughout the building.
  • Generator Backup: External generator to provide power to the building in the event of a power failure.
Stability storage at Q1 Scientific

Business Continuity Planning

The loss of samples that have been in stability storage due to a chamber breakdown or emergency in your sample storage process can represent a critical loss to your company, disrupt development activities and potentially impact a product launch.

From our Belgium site, we provide a primary or contingency storage solution with the option of disaster recovery capability. To support business continuity, you can:

  • Reserve dedicated back-up stability storage space for critical conditions
  • Store additional retention or spare samples at Q1 Scientific for critical projects

When reserving redundancy space, we will work with you to develop a responsive contingency plan for transferring samples to avoid significant interruption to your stability studies.

In an emergency you can transfer your stability samples to Q1 Scientific where we offer:

  • Disaster recovery capabilities to cover an emergency transfer of samples from individual batches to entire chambers
  • A full range of ICH and non-ICH storage conditions
  • Flexible storage capacity which can adjust with your requirements along with no pressure to take your samples back
  • Temperature-controlled transport from frozen or chilled to ambient transport, and even -80⁰C shipments

Reduction and control of costs

Our ‘pay for use’ model eliminates waste, unseen maintenance, service and security costs with no unexpected facility costs

Maximise space

Space comes at a premium. Free up valuable space and resources in your own factory to work on your core operations

Transform capital expenditure to operational expenditure

With a reduction in your capital investment for storage facilities and infrastructure

Flexible capacity

Scale up or down your stability storage with no minimum contract

Manage risk and compliance

Stability storage at cGMP facilities with extensive validation, quality systems, 365/24/7 security monitoring, backup power and systems

“Q1 Scientific has provided us with an excellent resource for stability storage. The staff are very knowledgeable and friendly and show a great interest in our business. The security provided for critical samples is first class and allows us to know that our samples will be kept at the required conditions for the duration of our stability studies.”

Quality Control Manager, Pharmaceutical Company

“Q1 Scientific offers direct contact with qualified people who know what is required. This ensures the project is straightforward from start to finish. A pull date schedule is prepared, provided and adhered to, with email notice of sample dispatches which assists with planning the analysis regimen. The monthly billing structure is helpful and means that in the event of a product not performing as expected the study is cancelled with minimum expense. It was a pleasure to deal with the Q1 staff who carried out their duties in a friendly and efficient manner.”

Technical Manager, Healthcare Manufacturer

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