Disaster recovery stability storage

Disaster Recovery

Q1 Scientific can provide a primary or contingency storage solution with the option of a disaster recovery capability if required.

We have a disaster recovery procedure in place to cover any emergency transfer of samples from clients from individual batches to entire chambers. Clients can be assured that should one if their own stability chambers go down, Q1 Scientific can take the affected samples to avoid significant interruption to client stability studies

Risk Management

Q1 Scientific offer a primary or contingency storage solution

  • Store additional samples at Q1 Scientific to be called off in case of emergency
  • Reserve stability space across environmental conditions for immediate availability should an in-house condition fail

Disaster recovery capability

  • Transfer all stability samples to Q1 Scientific in case of emergency
  • Q1 Scientific work with clients to put Technical Agreements in place and facilitate quality audits so that the required documentation is in place to cover disaster recovery situations.

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