Ultra Low Freezer Storage Solutions

Are you running out of ultra low freezer storage space at your facility, or do you need extra capacity for a project? Look no further. At Q1 Scientific, we understand that your samples deserve the utmost care and precision. Whether it’s life-saving vaccines, groundbreaking pharmaceuticals, or delicate biological samples, we’ve got you covered.

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Why choose Q1 Scientific for your ultra Low temperature storage needs?

Ultra low freezer storage, while crucial for preserving sensitive samples, comes with its share of challenges. That’s where Q1 Scientific comes in. By outsourcing your ultra low freezer storage needs to Q1 Scientific you can preserve your research, eliminate delays, and unlock your lab’s full potential.

Preserving sample integrity

Your breakthroughs, and your patients’ well-being — they all hinge on stable storage conditions. We get it. That’s why we have built-in safeguards to maintain consistent temperature conditions down to -80˚C. It’s not just storage; it’s a safeguarding process.

Consistent temperatures and customised conditions

Your products aren’t generic; neither are our solutions. At our facility, we offer all commonly used conditions for biological or vaccine storage along with custom conditions for R&D projects:

  • 5°C ± 3°C
  • –20°C ± 5°C
  • –70°C ± 10°C
  • –80°C ± 10°C

24/7 monitoring

Peace of mind. That’s what our round-the-clock monitoring system brings. All samples stored at our facility are monitored 24/7, 365 days of the year with built-in safeguards to ensure consistent temperature conditions.

At our storage facilities, our freezers never sleep, alarms are our early-warning system and consistent conditions are non-negotiable.

Flexibility and scalability

Imagine the relief of having ample ultra low freezer space! Our outsourced ultra low temperature storage solutions offer flexibility and scalability. No more cramped storage — store as much or as little inventory as needed without delays and keep your research on track.

Expertise from storage to transportation

Confidence. It’s what our extensive experience brings. Working together with our customers we create the best possible conditions for packaging and transportation. Products stored at ultra low temperatures are shipped using dry ice in our custom unit.

With extensive experience in both storing and transporting samples at ultra low temperatures including extreme conditions such as -80°C, you can feel confident that your products are stored at the right conditions.

A cost-effective solution

Save on operational costs, and maintenance expenses and invest in research. Our ULT freezer outsourcing services are cost-effective allowing you to preserve samples without breaking the bank.

We handle the logistics, you focus on breakthroughs

Let’s chat. Your breakthroughs deserve the right conditions.

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Case Study: Ultra-Low Freezer Storage Solutions for a Leading Biopharma Company

The Challenge: Ultra-Low Freezer Storage Struggles

A leading Biopharma company faced a critical challenge: storing their breakthrough vaccines at ultra low freezer conditions. These vaccines held the promise of combating viruses, but their delicate nature demanded precise temperature control and efficient storage space.

  • Capacity constraints: The Biopharma company’s in-house freezers were strained by the load. Each sample required ultra-low temperature storage, pushing the limits of their capacity. Storage space was becoming a luxury, leading to mounting frustration within the team.
  • Temperature variations: The problem was not just space, but also consistency. Temperature fluctuations plagued the Biopharma company’s lab. Some freezers maintained stable conditions; others wavered. Sample integrity was at risk leading to anxiety within the team. Would their samples survive the temperature fluctuations to provide reliable stability data for marketing authorization?

Solution: Partnering with Q1 Scientific

With space scarce and frustration mounting within the team the Biopharma company turned to Q1 Scientific, a leader in ultra-low freezer storage. Here’s how this transformative partnership unfolded:

  • Customised conditions: Relief washed over the Biopharma company’s lab team as Q1 Scientific offered all commonly used conditions for biological and vaccine storage along with custom conditions for R&D projects: 80°C, -70°C, -40°C, -20°C, and 5°C. Each sample, with its unique requirements, was catered to. Q1 Scientific’s custom monitoring system ensured precise conditions 24/7.
  • Cost and time savings: The Biopharma company avoided hefty investments in in-house freezers. Q1 Scientific’s off-site storage was the ideal solution to their problems, saving not just money, but also time and human resources. The need for floor space, new equipment, or daily maintenance was a thing of the past.
  • Transportation expertise: Q1 Scientific’s expertise in packaging and transportation, coupled with the use of dry ice and custom units, ensured ultra-low temperatures were maintained throughout the journey.


  • Sample integrity: Stable conditions ensured reliable stability storage for marketing authorization
  • Cost efficiency: No wasted resources on in-house freezer setup and maintenance
  • Peace of mind: 24/7, 365 days of the year monitoring with built-in safeguards
  • Space efficiency: Capacity constraints were alleviated, allowing optimal utilisation of in-house space for critical operations

With off-site storage, the company could now optimally utilise their in-house space for other critical operations. The once overcrowded freezers were a sight of the past, and the team could finally bid farewell to their space woes.

Under Q1 Scientific’s 24/7 monitoring and precise conditions, the biopharma company achieved peace of mind. Their vaccines’ stability data for marketing authorization remained intact, reinforcing their commitment to quality and patient safety.

We handle the logistics, you focus on breakthroughs

Let’s chat. Your breakthroughs deserve the right conditions.

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