Vaccine storage at ultra-low freezer temperatures

Do you need vaccine storage facilities at ultra-low freezer temperatures? Having reliable ultra-low freezer storage is essential for vaccines and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products.

With companies announcing promising interim results for their Covid-19 vaccines the attention has turned to the logistical challenges of distribution. The complex and super-cold storage requirements of Covid-19 vaccines might be a hurdle to overcome, however at Q1 Scientific we have ultra-cold freezers that can reach temperatures of -80°C.

Why do some vaccines need to be stored at ultra-low temperatures?

Prior to launch, vaccines undergo robust stability testing to check their performance at certain temperature and humidity conditions. Data from testing is then used to identify the conditions a vaccine can be stored at without impacting its performance.

Ultimately, vaccines need to be stored at the right conditions to remain effective. In fact, research from the World Economic Forum has highlighted that over 50% of vaccines are wasted globally each year because of temperature control, logistics and shipment-related issues.

As a leading provider of temperature-controlled stability storage, Q1 Scientific understand the demands and critical conditions required for vaccine storage.

The right ultra-low freezer conditions for your vaccine storage

In the world of pharmaceuticals and life sciences, building and operating in-house ultra-low freezers demands an excessive amount of time, costs and human resources.

Off-site freezer storage at Q1 Scientific offers significant benefits including saving:

  • Money by not having to invest in floor space, new equipment, staff and training
  • Time through not having to plan, build, map and validate freezers
  • Staff resources through not having to carry out daily inspections, monitoring, validation, calibration and preventative maintenance checks

Q1 Scientific understand the importance of having vaccines and pharmaceutical products stored correctly. Here at Q1 Scientific, we offer all commonly used conditions for biological or vaccine storage:

  • 5°C ± 3°C
  • –20°C ± 5°C
  • –70°C ± 10°C
  • –80°C ± 10°C

Using a custom monitoring system and back-up utilities we ensure consistent temperature conditions 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Transporting vaccines at ultra low freezer conditions

All vaccines require storage at highly specific temperatures to remain effective. Any deviation from this can compromise performance or result in a useless vaccine. It is important to maintain temperature-controlled cold chain conditions from vaccine production until administration.

Working together with our customers we create the best possible conditions for packaging and transportation. We use dry ice in our custom unit for shipping products at ultra-low temperatures.

See how easy it is to move your vaccines and temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products to Q1 Scientific.

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At Q1 Scientific we have extensive experience with both storing and transporting samples at a multitude of temperatures including extreme conditions such as -70°C and -80°C.

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